WIOA Youth Apprenticeship Program

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Alaska Seeds of Change (AKSoC) is recruiting out-of-school transition age youth (i.e. youth who are currently not enrolled in high school or a GED program) between the ages of 16-24 for its WIOA Apprenticeship program.

As an Apprentice, youth have the ability to pursue personal and professional goals, develop job skills, receive support of basic needs and peer support from AKSoC’s in-house POWER Youth Drop in Center, and receive on-site case management and mental health services.

This 26-week apprenticeship allows for an average of 25 hours/week in participation.  Apprentices can engage in activities like hydroponic farm maintenance, resume building workshops, food production, classes toward a diploma/GED or vocational program, or job searches. Apprentices are eligible to receive a variety of incentives including interview clothing for job searches, bus cards for transportation to and from work, vouchers for groceries, waived fees for educational or vocational certifications, and a monetary stipend of up to $1,000/month for engaging with us.

Additional Information

While out-of-school youth will be first priority, we encourage in-school youth to apply as well. Apprentices are required to wear closed-toed shoes (i.e. no sandals) and be ready for hands-on work. Because safety is our number one priority, we kindly ask for each Apprentice to wear a mask or face covering at all times, as well as abide by COVID-19 safety procedures set by AKBH and CDC.

About Alaska Seeds of Change

Since 2018, AKSoC has engaged with over 125 Apprentices in several job settings including at AKSoC’s 8,000 square foot hydroponics greenhouse, outdoor garden space, commercial kitchen space, and virtual meeting spaces. Apprentices will develop technical farming skills pertaining to greenhouse operations, as well as explore a variety of transferable skills in the areas of: data management, sales and marketing, food service, and maintenance. In addition, this program supports enhancing soft skills in communication, time management, leadership, and interpersonal skills that they can carry throughout adulthood.


For any questions, referrals to, or interest in participating in Alaska Seeds of Change’s WIOA program, please contact our WIOA Lead Rebecca Knapp at rebecca.knapp@akseedsofchange.com or (907) 444-0526.

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