Kensey has worked at FCMHS for five years, mostly as a Clinical Associate on the Adult team. She recently moved to the medical team as a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant). She plans to go to nursing school and eventually become a traveling nurse. In the meantime, she enjoys her clients at FCMHS.  Her favorite thing about them is how different they each are from each other.

Kensey says she finds it particularly rewarding to work with younger adult clients, often in their 20’s, who are experiencing their first mental break. It takes a lot of patience to build the trust to help them learn to live with their mental illness. In her experience, clients have a hard time initially accepting their diagnosis, and accepting the help that they need. So it takes persistence and time: she says for one client, it was two years before he really trusted her and started scheduling to see her.

Fun facts about Kensey: She is one of 9 children and grew up in Anchorage. She travels frequently to Dawson City, Canada.  Her favorite book is Harry Potter, and the last book she read was Anatomy and Physiology Revealed. She is an excellent softball player, and had a scholarship to a Division 1 school, until she threw out her elbow. That resulted in having the radial head removed, and now she has half an elbow in that arm!