Youth Drop-in and Outreach

Meet Our Staff

POWER Center is staffed by young people whose life experiences inform their work with youth.

Quavon Bracken, Peer Outreach Worker


Quavon Bracken, Program Manager
My name is Quavon Bracken and I have been a Peer Outreach Worker since 2014. My favorite part of my job is knowing that our program makes a positive impact on the lives of youth that come into center. Even if the encounter seems small, it can be big to them.
Peer Outreach Worker Reid Stratton


Reid Stratton, Peer Outreach Worker

Hi, I’m Reid, I have been a  Peer Outreach Worker since October 2019. My favorite part about working at the Power Center is connecting with youth. When I’m not working, I spend my free time playing board games, videogames, card games, and watching anime. I Have always loved food and started learning how to cook at the Power Center.

young man with mask looking at camera  

Thomas Staley, Peer Outreach Worker

My name is Thomas Staley. I started training to be a Peer Outreach Worker in October 2020.  I really like the vision this organization has, as well as learning to socialize and communicate with transition age youth.

In my free time I spend a lot of timing playing competitive video games, as well as just try to hang out with friends and family.


Youth using the POWER Center have access to formal mental health services through Alaska Behavioral Health.  Learn about our services and providers.