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Peer Support Training

Learn what it takes to be a Peer Support Specialist in Alaska.

Have you experienced and recovered from trauma, addiction, or mental illness? Or, have you supported a partner, child, or member of your immediate family in their recovery? Use those lived experiences to help others! 

A Growing Field

Peer support is a growing field within mental health.  Training participants will come away with the skills and qualifications to work as peer support specialists in Alaska.

Past participants have come away from the training with new ways of looking at their own mental health stories and feeling empowered to use their stories to help others.  For example, participant Dan Meehan says, “I learned a lot about my strengths and even strengths I didn’t see as strengths.”

Upcoming training dates

July 25 – August 15 in Anchorage, Saturdays only

August 3 – 7th in Anchorage, Monday – Friday

September 14-18 in Fairbanks, Monday-Friday

October 5 – 9th in Anchorage, Monday – Friday

October 31 – November 21 in Anchorage, Saturdays only

November 9 – 13 in Fairbanks, Monday- Friday

Training Details

The training is a hybrid of self-directed and live training. First, participants need to complete a 6 hour on-line class.  Then, they will attend 34 hours of live training, in-person or via Zoom. The class will respect all CDC guidelines and social distancing requirements for those attending in person.

The training is provided at no cost through support from the Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority. However, you will need to provide your own lunch and transportation. Contact Jenifer Galvan at Alaska Behavioral Health to see if this opportunity fits into your journey.

Phone: 907.444.3666


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