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Alaska Peer Specialist Training & Support

2022 Basic Peer Support Training Schedule

  • September 20 to October 20, T/W/H 6-9pm
  • Saturdays, October 22 – November 19, 9 am – 6 pm via Zoom
  • November 7-11, M-F 9-6pm
  • November 28 to December 2, M-F 9-6pm

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New! Advanced Peer Support Training Now Available!

Train the Trainer

July 7 & 8, 9:00 am to 4:30 pm via Zoom

Training to prepare active peer support professionals to train their oncoming peer team members and active/outgoing consumers by using the state approved Alaska Behavioral Health forty-hour training. Learn how to make the class your own while holding true to the content and desired outcomes. Are you ready to take your peer strengths to the next level? Sign up for our next training.

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Hire, Supervise & Retain Your Peers

June 21, 2022: 9:000 am – 5:00 pm

Peer Support isn’t a new thing. But, here in Alaska’s Helping field, it is new to a lot of us. The truth is that most people in this field have lived experiences. We just don’t use them to do our jobs. Learn the do’s and don’ts of Peer Support Supervision, how to offer support without counseling, how to develop strong peers by playing on their strengths and using their skills to support the team, clients, and communities as a whole. Are you ready to confidently supervise your team’s PSPs? Sign up for our next training.

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Meet our Peer Support Specialists


What is a Peer Support Professional?

Peer Support Professionals are individuals who identify themselves as in recovery: living with a mental illness diagnosis, history of trauma, and/or history of addiction. They may also be a family member of someone who meets that definition.  Peer support specialists bring a different perspective when it comes to recovery and helping others through their own journeys. Being able to empathize and empower others at various stages in recovery with personal experiences is what makes Peer Support such an important part of the recovery journey and its success.

What do Peer Support Professionals do?

  • Partner with those they serve and represent them at the table with a treatment team
  • Assist consumers in understanding the process of services, forms being used, types of questions, and updates
  • Be present for the consumer
  • Provide support & encouragement
  • Assist the consumer in Voice & Choice (teach them self-advocacy)
  • Offer perspective and hope to the consumer on behalf of the treatment team
  • Offer insight and perspective to the treatment team on behalf of the consumer
  • Share personal examples
  • Support wellness and model recovery values
  • Support harm reduction as part of the recovery process
  • Support all stages of recovery and relapse
  • Offer future oriented dialogue
  • Be accepting, understanding, non-judgmental, empowering (voice, choice, affirmation, recognition, and advocacy)

Learn what it takes to be a Peer Support Specialist in Alaska.

Have you experienced and recovered from trauma, addiction, or mental illness? Or, have you supported a partner, child, or member of your immediate family in their recovery? Use those lived experiences to help others!

Alaska Behavioral Health is offering peer support training throughout 2021.  Training participants will come away with the skills and qualifications to work as peer support specialists in Alaska.  Read about Tierra – a past training participant who now works as a peer support specialist and case manager.

Past participants have come away from the training with new ways of looking at their own mental health stories and feeling empowered to use their stories to help others.  For example, participant Dan Meehan says, “I learned a lot about my strengths and even strengths I didn’t see as strengths.”

Training Details

We provide weeklong, evening and weekend training options, in-person or via Zoom. Trainings are scheduled throughout the year and throughout the state of Alaska.

The training is provided at no cost through support from the Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority and the State of Alaska Division of Behavioral Health.  However, you will need to provide your own lunch and transportation.

For More Information

Contact Jenifer Galvan at Alaska Behavioral Health to see if this opportunity fits into your journey.

Phone: 907.444.3666


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