Get Involved

Work at Seeds

If you are between ages 16 and 23 and are interested in working at Alaska Seeds of Change, please visit our Supporting Youth page.


Alaska Seeds of Change is always looking for passionate, community minded folks to join us.

  1. Contact us!
  2. Alaska State Trooper Background Check
    For the safety of our youth staff we require all volunteers to get an Alaska State Trooper background check. THIS LINK has more info.
  3. Seeds of Change Volunteer Paperwork
    Please watch our volunteer training video (below), and then download, read and fill out the Volunteer Agreement Form. It is not required, but we request that you also fill out our media release.  Bring them with you the first time you volunteer! (If you don’t have printer access, you can complete paperwork at our building the first time you volunteer.)

What to expect from volunteering:

– Great company

– A warm, green environment

– After 10 hours of volunteering we’ll send you home with free, fresh produce

– After 30 hours you’ll get a Seeds of Change shirt