Alaska Child Trauma Center

The Alaska Child Trauma Center at Alaska Behavioral Health is a treatment integration and adaptation center (Category III) for the SAMHSA-supported National Child Traumatic Stress Network (NCTSN).  We joined the network in 2005 and are Alaska’s only NCTSN center. The Alaska Child Trauma Center is a regional training hub for the SAMHSA-supported National Complex Trauma Training Network, a certified ARC Training Site.

In 2023, Alaska Behavioral Health earned the additional designation of a SAMHSA-supported NCTSN (Category II) Rural Child Trauma Center, one of 35 nationally certified treatment and service adaptation (TSA) Centers that provide national expertise for specific types of traumatic events, population groups, and service systems, and support the specialized adaptation of effective evidence-based treatment and service approaches for communities across the nation.

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Trauma Training

The training team at the Alaska Child Trauma Center was the first training hub (external to the model developers/development center) for the ARC framework. We have been a licensed and certified ARC training center since 2008.  In collaboration with Duke Clinical Research Institute and the model developers, we conducted the first ARC clinical outcomes study, published in the Journal of Child and Adolescent Trauma in 2011.  In this study, we focused on developmental and cultural considerations in implementation of the framework with a complex trauma-impacted and diverse population (over 50% Alaska Native/American Indian). We have provided ARC training to over 4,000 providers in the United States, Canada and the US Virgin Islands. 

Since 2011 we have been a regional training hub for the Complex Trauma Treatment Network, a NCTSN trauma training and technical assistance center focused on supporting organizational implementation of trauma practices and multi-agency, regional and statewide trauma initiatives

Military Family Child Trauma Program 

In 2016, the Alaska Child Trauma Center at Alaska Behavioral Health was awarded funding through the Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administration to establish a Military Family Child Trauma Program in Anchorage, Alaska.  This program provides evidence-based behavioral health services to the children of military families (including Veterans, members of the Reserves and National Guard) who have been impacted by traumatic experiences.  Assessment, child and adolescent therapy and family therapy services at the Military Family Child Trauma Program will be provided by experienced masters and doctoral-level mental health therapists with specialized training in trauma, child, adolescent and family treatment.

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