Jim Briskey is retiring at the end of this month, after 23 years working for ACMHS!

Many different roles at ACMHS

 Jim has worked on many different teams at ACMHS, including driving a van to bring people to groups, working at a 24-7 crisis respite center that used to be located next to the old Alaska Psychiatric Institute, and working with the Institutional Discharge Program (now Transitions Team.)  Director of Adult Services Victor Spence notes that on Jim’s first day of work, the #1 hit song was “One Sweet Day” by Mariah Carey and Boys II Men, “and it was also a good day for the company. Jim’s loyalty, commitment and dedication have all contributed to the success of the organization. We will miss his candor, opinions and humor during team meetings.”

Embedded with DOC

For the last 8 years, Jim has been stationed at the Anchorage Correctional Complex, acting as a conduit for information between DOC and ACMHS. He checks each day to see if any ACMHS clients are in custody and notifies their treatment team. When an ACMHS client is being released, he makes sure they have follow-up appointments scheduled.  The goal is to try to keep people from cycling in and out of jail, so he likes it best when he doesn’t see someone come back in.  His DOC colleague Christopher McMichael describes him as “one of those guys that is easy to like from the first time you met him. He has a calming demeanor, is always quick with a joke. He is kind and giving and will surely be missed.”

Travel & Future Plans

Jim and his wife travel twice a year to Central America and especially like Belize.  His two passions there are helping raise scholarship money for kids to go to school, and dogs.  He travels with a huge duffle bag, half-packed with school supplies and the other half filled with supplies for the local humane society.

He looks forward to traveling more in retirement.

Thanks for all the years of hard work, Jim.  May your retirement be fun and fruitful!