Meet Dani!

Dani joined the Child and Family department in Fairbanks shortly after the Aspen building opened to clients in 2019.  She enjoys helping solve everyday challenges for staff and clients alike. Her passion for helping others and providing exceptional customer service are apparent every day in the enthusiasm she bring to her work on our reception and clinical admin teams. A new co-worker recently said, “I’ve had more fun with Dani in the past week than in more than a year at my last job!”  Working in mental health can be draining, and Dani’s positive attitude is very much appreciated.

Dani grew up in Fairbanks.  She is a proud dog-mom to her pit-bull, Roscoe.

Eventually, she’d like to pursue a career in providing behavioral healthcare directly to clients, and incorporate yoga and mindfulness in her work. Her favorite book is The Courage to Be Yourself by Sue Thoele.

Fun fact: she can sing the alphabet backwards!


young woman smiling t camera