When parent- child relationships are strained by challenging behaviors such as defiance, aggression and tantrums, Parent-Child Interaction Therapy can help.

PCIT is an evidence-based practice for treating anxiety and trauma in children ages 2 to 7.  For young children, anxiety often appears as defiance, aggression and other behaviors caregivers find challenging.

PCIT is focused on learning effective ways to interact with young children. After a brief check-in, caregivers and children play together, while a therapist observes and coaches the caregiver through a headset.  Sessions can be done via telehealth using cell phones and blue-tooth headsets (provided if needed).  The therapy is also offered safely in person in Anchorage, with the family and therapist in separate rooms.

Therapy sessions have two main components. During the child-directed portion, caregivers learn to manage kids’ behavior through positive attention. During the parent-directed portion, the therapist and caregiver work with the child on compliance.

Most families see improvements within a few sessions.

Meet Our PCIT Therapist

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Lindsay Coffey

Lindsay Coffey, MS, LPC is a Clinician at Alaska Behavioral Health. Lindsay provides mental health services to children and families affected by trauma and trains people throughout the state of Alaska on trauma and its impacts.  Lindsay is certified in PCIT by PCIT International, the only provider in the state of Alaska who is fully-certified.

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