Adult Mental Health Residential

Alaska Behavioral Health provides mental health residential treatment for adults with acute mental health needs who have not responded to outpatient treatment, have needs that cannot be met in a less-restrictive setting, or would benefit from further treatment following inpatient psychiatric hospitalization.

Adult mental health residential treatment provides medication services and individual and group services with a focus on skill development including communication, problem solving, and conflict resolution; life and social skills to restore functioning; and self-regulation, anger management, and other mood management skills.

Services are provided by an interdisciplinary treatment team in a therapeutically structured, supervised environment 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. Members of the treatment team include clinicians, clinical associates, vocational specialists, peer support specialists, nurses, psychiatric nurse practitioners, a primary care physician, and a psychiatrist.


Complete our on-line referral form. Be sure to check the box requesting an assessment for the residential team at the bottom of the form for the fastest routing to our residential team.

You can also contact the Residential Team at, or call 907-762-8696