Family Therapy

Alaska Behavioral Health offers multiple family therapy options to meet your family’s needs. Family therapy can be delivered in-person or via secure tele-health. We see families with kids of all ages, and often families see results with short-term services. For questions or to schedule, please call 907-561-0954.

Our family navigator also offers parenting classes using the Common Sense Parenting curriculum.

Parent Management Training / Family Therapy – caregivers and youth of all ages

Parent management training has been shown to help caregivers manage difficult childhood behaviors. Our family therapy programs tailor and incorporate parent management training techniques, psycho-education, family therapy, and skill development to reduce family stress.

What is learned through participation in Family Therapy?

Family Conflict Resolution
Structure and Accountability for the Entire Family
Increases in Healthy Communication
Restoration of Nurturance and Closeness
Psycho-education in Childhood Development
And so much more!

Who will benefit from the family therapy?

Family therapy is helpful for families who struggle with family relationships and effectively managing difficult child behaviors.

What are some commonly addressed behaviors in family therapy?

Property Destruction
Frequent Arguing
School and Homework Concerns
Substance Use
Involvement with Department of Juvenile Justice
Admissions to Northstar or other Residential Treatment
Returning Home from Out of Home Placements
…and so much more

Which family members should participate?

It depends on the family. During your first meeting with your provider, you will work together to determine who should be involved and at what frequency. In general, the more family members involved, the quicker the positive change. But we also recognize all family needs are different.

Interested in Family Therapy?

For more information, questions or scheduling, call 907-561-0954.

We look forward to serving you and your family!