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Naturally Fermented – Probiotic – Raw

Naturally fermented salads, sauerkrauts and kimchi made by staff at Alaska Seeds of Change  with fresh Alaska-grown vegetables from local farms.  

Nourishing, easy to serve & always full of probiotic goodness!

Evies Brinery products pair hydroponically grown fresh herbs grown at Alaska Seeds of Change with tasty local Alaska Grown produce to make delicious, naturally fermented sauerkrauts, kimchis, and salsas. We hope to expand the way Alaskans think about, enjoy and preserve our locally-grown vegetables throughout the year. We are inspired by the transformative, natural, fermentation process. Local vegetables celebrate our Alaska’s vibrant cultures and promote the good health of Alaska’s people, farms and communities

Alaska Seeds of Change complements its mission through Evies Brinery, strengthening our youths’ connection to their food system and building valuable skills in the process. We believe that when youth have a better understanding of where their food comes from and how it’s made, they have a stronger understanding of themselves and how they make our community more vibrant.

Our Story

Evie’s Brinery was founded in 2016 by Evie Witten. In Spring of 2019, Alaska Seeds of Change purchased Evie’s Brinery to continue Evie’s legacy and expand the ways that Alaska Seeds of Change supports Alaska’s youth. 

Evies and Alaska Seeds of Change are a perfect fit. With a little care and time, Evies fermentation processes transform Alaska’s fresh vegetables into products that are adaptable and versatile, to be enjoyed throughout the year independently or in our community with other ingredients (see recipes – link). At Alaska Seeds of Change, we invest care and time in our youth staff. They too have the opportunity to grow in adaptability and versatility, and become successful as independent adults who contribute to the communities in which they live. 

Learn more about the Mission of Alaska Seeds of Change.

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At Evie’s Brinery we partner with local farms to make natural sauerkrauts, kimchis, and ferments using fresh, Alaska-grown produce.  We handcraft all our products in small batches, making them nourishing, easy to serve and always full of probiotic goodness!

We aim to produce the highest quality fermented vegetables available.  Above all our foods are delicious; they are also GMO-free, contain organic and/or non-chemical grown ingredients, raw, vinegar-free, and rich in probiotics.

Evies core products include Ruby Red Ginger Kraut, Alaska Kimchi, Ginger Citrus Carrots, Kale, Carrot & Cumin Kraut, and Lemon Dill Kraut

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