This fall we said goodbye to Chase*, in the best possible way.

After completing his apprenticeship with Alaska Seeds of Change, Chase moved on to full-time employment in a commercial hydroponic farm in Anchorage.

Young man standing infront of growing towers


Learning to Trust Himself

In his nine months with Alaska Seeds of Change, Chase learned all the aspects of running a hydroponic farm operation – from seeding to harvesting, from fixing systems to assessing and adjusting nutrient levels – skills he’s taking to his next job. But more important than that, Chase learned to trust himself.


Building Skills, and Self Awareness

When we first met Chase, he struggled with substance use. He rarely showed up on time, and he wasn’t sure what he wanted for his future. At Seeds, he learned to communicate with supervisors if his bus was running late. He learned to tune into his body to see the connections between a late night or lack of food and being able to concentrate at work. He learned to set small goals, follow steps to meet them, and then set new goals. He learned that he was capable.


We work with many youth like Chase.

Each year, Seeds works with more than 50 young people in Anchorage, to help them on their journey to independence.
Seeds makes a special effort to recruit youth who have struggled to stay engaged in school or work, seeking to meet participants where they’re at and support them on multiple levels. They may live with anxiety or another mental health concern, and many have little family support to help them figure out how to be successful adults. At Seeds, we try to help fill in those gaps. Through workshops, classes, and one-on-one work to achieve personal goals, participants learn about budgeting, signing a lease for an apartment, getting a driver’s license, or smoking salmon. (We are in Alaska, after all.) Because Seeds is a program of Alaska Behavioral Health, participants also have access to on-site mental health supports from trained therapists, clinical associates, and peer support specialists. This combination of vocational training, mental health and practical supports has helped more than 185 youth since 2017 find their way and make their next step forward.
Your donation to Alaska Seeds of Change is what makes this growth possible for young people like Chase. Please make your donation today.  Donations made before January 15, 2022 are being matched by a generous donor!
*Name and photo used with permission: Chase is proud of his accomplishments and so are we!