Halloween at Dwelling Place

Staff and clients at Dwelling Place recently celebrated Halloween in style! Dwelling Place is an Adult Mental Health Residential Treatment facility co-managed by Alaska Behavioral Health and Hallelujah Corporation.  Residential clients live on site with 24-hour supervision, and  daily groups and therapy to address mental illness.   Developing healthy leisure activities is an important aspect of treatment.

halloween decorations across open arch doorway

Friendly Competition

There was a costume competition, with prizes for best costume and funniest.  Clients suggested costumed for staff to wear, and staff tried their best accommodate!

Boosting Engagement

Site coordinator Doreen Satia most enjoyed the dance party with karaoke. She says clients talked about how they celebrated Halloween as kids, and fondly remembered all the candy they collected.  “It was fun for both clients and staff to see the happiness and participation for some that never or hardly participate.  The party was a SMASH!! 😊”

pumkiin with blue sticker face