Team building in the era of COVID can be a little challenging. Most meetings happen via Zoom. We have new staff members who have never met their colleagues in person.  No more pot luck birthday lunches.

But staff find a way.  One of our teams, who used to socialize outside of work regularly, is hosting a Zoom party this week.  To make sure it feels festive, a team member dropped off baskets with kazoos and other party favors at each participant’s house.

At Alaska Seeds of Change, staff held a socially-distant outdoor event on a sunny day. But more often, they are meeting via Zoom and pulling in some extra help to keep it engaging.  Team Building is a company that works on, well, team building — and they now offer “online office games” with lots of different virtual activities.  The Seeds crew recently participated. Greenhouse grower CJW sent in this report:

The “Team Building” Staff were very welcoming and grounded. Though I was at sometimes confused about the rules of the game show-esque things we were up to, their jovial tones and surprise trivia/random points made it a motivational experience. Both the main person who spoke the most and the person behind the scenes were very polite, professional, helpful and overall fun to be around. I left with some fond memories. 

We can’t wait to see what other ways our staff come up with to keep up team spirit and staff morale this summer!