About Vocational Services

Recovery from severe mental illness is not only possible, but it is the goal for all participants in our youth and adult programs.

While recovery looks different for everyone, gainful employment is a component of living in recovery.

Supported Employment (SE) has been an element of ACMHS services for many years and remains a priority. All RISE vocational team staff members have National Certification in Employment Services and have extensive training in Customized Employment.  In addition, RISE offers assistance with self-employment options, developing PASS plans and Financial and Work Incentive Counseling Services for consumers.

The RISE program has a certified Community Partner Work Incentives Counselor who is able to do full  Benefits Analysis for Social Security beneficiaries who would like to know how going back to work would affect their benefits.

RISE is also an Employment Network (EN) for the Social Security Administration. This enables us to help beneficiaries on Social Security benefits (SSI or SSDI) to return to work using the Ticket to Work program without losing benefits.

Alaska Seeds of Change is an ACMHS vocational program specifically for transition age youth.  Follow the link for more information.  Youth who need additional assistance with employment following their time at Seeds can be referred to the ACMHS Adult Vocational team.

You can reach our Vocational Team at 907-762-8687.