Self-care for Parents and Caregivers
Thursday, April 16, 1 to 2 pm
Presented By Mara Hill, MS, LPC and
Meghan Magone, MA, LPC


Spoiler alert: Self-care isn’t all yoga and bubble baths. Sometimes it’s taking a deep breath, counting to three, and telling yourself that after this is over you’re going to dip into your secret candy stash. This 40-minute class addresses why taking care of yourself is a vital part of taking care of kids, and includes a variety of strategies to prepare for, get through, and recover from challenging situations and behaviors. Everyone, from a first-time parent to a seasoned provider, has hard days, and during this training we’ll explore tools to add to your toolbox of self-care strategies to help make those hard days a little more manageable.

After the session, Clinical Manager Meghan Magone will discuss current resources & services for families at Anchorage Community Mental Health.

Coping Skills for Young Children
Thursday, May 7, 1-2 pm
Presented By: Mara Hill, MS, LPC


 This 1-hour training explores why young children have a hard time coping with “big energy” and feelings, and aims to provide participants with an understanding of developmental considerations in helping children develop coping skills. Attendees will learn techniques and strategies to use when intervening and assisting young children in managing energy and emotions.


I got 99 Problems and Adverse Childhood Experience are Most of Them
Thursday, May 14, 1-2 pm
Presented By: Mara Hill, MS, LPC


 Our 99 ACES 1-hour training provides basic information about trauma, its effect on mental health and behavior, and the underlying foundations of trauma-informed care using song lyrics and interviews from Jay-Z’s career. The training focuses heavily on historical trauma and adverse childhood experiences, the links between the two, and their impact on individuals, communities, and American society.


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