ACMHS Clinician Amber Chambers sees clients referred by AWAIC. Some are living in the shelter, and others are non-residential participants. She also provides services to caregivers of the children we see in our Child and Family Clinic who have experienced domestic violence, intimate partner violence, and sexual assault.

Chambers is a licensed professional counselor with a Doctorate in Pyschology. She provides short-term crisis intervention services, individual and group psychotherapy. She’s currently facilitating two tele-health groups : a DVSA (domestic violence and sexual assault) Support Group on Thursdays and  DVSA Self-esteem group on Mondays.  Amber says the isolation of COVID-19 quarantine can be a stark reminder of the situations victims have come from. Isolation is often used to facilitate power and control in the relationship where DV was present. “Mental Health Services during this time are critical to help with minimizing isolation as a trauma reminder for survivors and increasing connection with peers to promote resiliency post separation.”  

To request services with Amber, call our Child & Family Services intake line at 907-561-0954.