On January 4, we began to transition the way we support adult clients needing significant support to live in community (vs hospital) settings. Our new Residential Treatment Services are provided under a Medicaid waiver program approved by the State of Alaska and the federal Centers for Medicaid & Medicare (CMS). These services focus on teaching clients skills to improve their quality of life, and allow a place to practice routines that support wellness with the goal of moving toward more independent living. 

people walking among snow sculptures
Residential Team staff and clients visit the Fur Rondy snow sculptures, 2021

To help clients reach their goals, staff take clients out into the community, to work on being comfortable around people, social skills, and finding activities that bring joy.

Clients appreciated the warm, moist air on a trip to the municipal greenhouse. It became a chance to practice mindfulness and reflect on the way the warm air made them feel.

woman kneeling by plants

“Hearing the water and the birds really calmed me down.”

“The warm air felt felt good on my throat.”

Practicing cooking skills is an essential step on the road to independence.

hands mixing dough

One client wanted to make fry break and stew, so we put out a call to our staff for donations of game meat. A moose roast was quickly donated. Staff and clients worked together to prepare the meal, slow cooked in a crock pot.

veggies going into crock pot
hands cutting up meat

Then it was time for a feast!

scrabble tiles spell thank you note