Feeling overwhelmed?  Most everyone is.  We are here to help.  Our family therapy/parenting team is launching new telehealth services for parents who are stressed out and families who need support.  Available services include:

    • Therapy for parents, children and adolescents
    • A series of telehealth therapy groups dealing with:
      • anxiety or depression
      • building family routines in a time of chaos
      • managing stress
      • balancing working from home/school from home
    • Tuesdays 3-4 pm: COVID-19 and Anxiety Telehealth Process Group for Parents (beginning April 7) 

This group is a safe, consistent place for parents to process their worries surrounding COVID-19 and its affect on themselves and their families. We will also learn skills for managing anxiety throughout the series.

    • Wednesdays 3-4 pm: COVID-19 Stress Management Telehealth Group for Parents (beginning April 8)

This group is a combination of psycho-education and skill-building for managing home, work, child, home-schooling and other stressors related to structural changes brought on by COVID-19. Clinician Meghan Magone will be available for brief, solution-focused one-on-one consultation regarding information brought up in the group if needed.

    • Groups for teens coming soon, including:
      • Teen Coping Skills for COVID
      • Maintaining Esteem During Quarantine
      • Maintaining Healthy Relationships During Quarantine

Services will be provided via an encrypted, HIPAA complaint version of Zoom video-conferencing.  Call our Family Services intake line at 907-762-8667 for more information.