About Alaska Seeds of Change


Alaska Seeds of Change is a joyful and welcoming vocational program that supports young people ages 13-23 to build job skills and personal resiliency while growing fresh produce year-round. 


Growing food. Supporting youth.  

Core Values 

🤝 Connection – Partnership – Community  

  • Our program is run by and for Alaskans who care. Our community and partners make what we do possible and meaningful! 

🌱 Empowerment – Growth – Learning  

  • As we learn to grow and care for plants, we’re growing and learning as people. The skills gained here will help youth succeed elsewhere in their personal and professional lives! 

💖 Access – Support – Wellbeing 

  • The mental health, basic needs, and workforce development support we provide is founded on evidence-based practices. Our doors are open, and our range of services are catered to meet individuals where they are. 

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Meet Our Staff

Cole Murphy
Program Manager
Cole Murphy finds great fulfillment working with plants and people together! Cole has enjoyed over four years working at Alaska Seeds of Change - where he started as a youth intern and today serves as program manager. Cole grew up in Anchorage, went to East and UAA, and now lives in West Anchorage with his wife Katya and two cats Joey and Phoebe. Since joining the Seeds team, Cole has gotten a graduate certificate, designed a few board games, and learned to juggle .
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Sara Renard-Woods
Assistant Manager
Sara Renard-Woods is the Assistant Manager at Alaska Seeds of Change and has been on the Seeds team for over 5 years. She began as a youth volunteer and quickly advanced through various roles, including youth staff member and supervisor. Sara is passionate about promoting a healthy, balanced lifestyle and promoting food security in Alaska. Sara is a volunteer board member of the Alaska Food Policy Council, another avenue for connecting youth and the joys and importance of growing food. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family of six
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Sarah Merriner
Program Supervisor
Sarah started as the Program Supervisor and Apprentice Coordinator in the summer of 2023. Sarah was born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska. She attended Westmont College in California and graduated with a bachelor's degree in Cellular and Molecular Biology. She discovered Seeds through volunteering in 2021 and 2022. Her favorite part of working at Seeds is mentoring young people. She is passionate about working towards holistic wellness for her community and engaging in art, the outdoors, baking, reading, and having fun in all aspects of life!
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