What We Grow

Fresh Produce in Anchorage

Alaska Seeds of Change has fresh, nutritious, locally grown herbs and greens.  Our fresh produce is harvested the same day it is delivered to stores, restaurants and farmer’s markets.  It is hyper-local: most travels less than 15 miles from our indoor farm to where it is sold!  And it is available year-round.

How it’s grown

All of our food is grown hydroponically (without soil), using ZipGrow Towers. Our crops grow vertically, maximizing space and energy in our indoor facilities.

What we grow

We grow a variety of crops, from herbs to greens.


We are experimenting with these exciting new crops…check back for updates on availability!

Where to buy it

Our produce also sold at several Alaska Commercial Company stores throughout the state, and is distributed through Arctic Harvest Deliveries to restaurants and CSA (community supported agriculture) customers in Anchorage.

Where it’s served

Our current restaurant customers include Fire Island Rustic Bakeshop, Pangea, Spenard Roadhouse, and more.

Outdoor Growing

Over the last couple of years, Seeds has focused on expanding growing operations to outdoor locations, to produce veggies for our social impact business Evies Brinery, and for youth to take home.  Read more about Seeds Outside here.