What We Do

Growing Food, Supporting Youth

Our Mission

Alaska Seeds of Change employs and empowers local youth, promoting self-reliance and community involvement, to grow and sell fresh produce.

Supporting Youth

Building skills within our future generations

Alaska Seeds of Change works with young people ages 16-24 to help them develop the vocational and personal skills needed to become successful adults. Most staff initially work at Seeds as volunteers, for school credit through King Tech High School, AVAIL alternative school, S.A.V.E. High School  or another school program or through an apprenticeship program with one of our partner agencies – Nine Star and Cook Inlet Tribal Council 

Some of those participants are hired for continuing work at Seeds, mentoring the next generation of apprentices.

We tend to look for people without much job experience who want to learn how to get and keep a job, and learn a little extra about how to be an adult. Even though we are a program of ACMHS, employees do not need to be clients or meet any special qualifications. Alaska Seeds of Change is not a treatment program or a traditional employer; we are a community of people who support each other and share knowledge to help each other succeed.

If you are a young person interested in working with Alaska Seeds of Change, please contact Cole Murphy

Youth Apprenticeships / Internships

Alaska Seeds of Change works with young people ages 16-24 to help them develop the vocational and personal skills needed to become successful adults.

School Credit

Youth may be able to earn school credit through a volunteer internship at Alaska Seeds of Change. We partner with King Tech High School, AVAIL alternative school, and the ASD Gifted Mentorship Program.

Paid Apprenticeships / Internships

Youth enrolled in job training programs with Nine Star and Cook Inlet Tribal Council can apply to have their work-site experience at Alaska Seeds of Change.

Those who have successfully completed an internship or apprenticeship at Seeds are eligible to apply for continuing work as a greenhouse grower.

Extra Benefits for Seeds Apprentices/Staff

Youth receive on-the-job training, but also auxiliary training in other important areas, including: housing, higher education, future planning, money management, and much more!

Youth are encouraged to keep coming to Seeds of Change after their employment ends, to continue receiving support or to share their experiences and mentor others in the program.

Program staff are knowledgeable about local resources and can assist youth in getting connected with financial, educational, employment, parenting, and housing supports, among others.

Youth have the option to enroll in mental health services at Alaska Behavioral Health, through which they can receive formal case management, skill development, and clinical therapy.

Our Values

COMMUNITY: We strive to create a safe, collaborative space for positive growth, embracing diverse experiences, backgrounds, cultures, and perspectives. We contribute to our local community through social service, economic growth, and fresh food.

SUSTAINABILITY: We teach youth life skills and provide long-term support to foster stable growth toward independence. We rely on the combined efforts of youth and adults to develop a sustainable social enterprise business, ensuring that our community will grow strong and vibrant for generations to come.

CARING: We encourage youth to actively explore their values and goals, and to pursue them with enthusiasm, caring, and commitment. We recognize our responsibility to care for ourselves and for others.

BALANCE: We prioritize balance between different aspects of life, including: Innovation and Tradition, Work and Play, Purpose and Profit